Welcome To Nufoodi

A place where social means more than a virtual connection. We are a dynamic culture using the power of good food to connect people and groups of people across a table of creative unique and continually varying dining experiences.  Whether you are in search of uniqueness for a small personal gathering or large celebratory event there are Nufoodi Pros ready to create and deliver an experience worth remembering.

Nufoodi is an inspired team of food enthusiasts creating community interactions and personal connections around the excitement of a unique meal experience.

At Nufoodi we believe strongly in the universal language of food and laughter, and the power and healing that food offers in bringing people together.

Heirloom flavors? Maybe you’re aware of this and maybe not; the US our factory food production processes have eliminated some of the world’s most flavorful foods, from farming to preparation. We on the other hand focus on “the power of local” exhibiting day after day the pleasant and appetizing uniqueness of these almost forgotten heirloom foods grown and prepared locally with love and dedication.

On a regular basis, Nufoodi members of all levels, from the casual Nufoodi to the Nufoodi-Pro  share: their tables;, their skills;, their knowledge of food; and their love of people on a regular basis.

Nufoodi… connecting people who want a bit more out of their food experience with passionate healthy food producers and culinary mastery.

We believe in the value of amazing food and that of good friends, and most importantly when you bring them together the impact toward building a strong vibrant community.

Nufoodi members are delightfully pleasant individuals who desire a little more than what the average meal has come to represent. We believe that uniqueness in taste and generationally historic family recipes shared across the table by old and new friends are more important than the speed and tastelessness of the majority of today’s food experiences.

At Nufoodi there are two types of individuals: Those seeking a creative unique culinary experience and those looking to share their talent to deliver such an experience. In total all Nufoodies seek culinary artistry, and large or small, our mission is to connect those wanting more out of their dining experience with the most creative planners and/or the hottest chefs ready to deliver a culinary journey that rivals traveling the globe.