What is a Nufoodi Pro?

A Nufoodi Pro is someone that understands the true power of food and has built a bit of a reputation to prove it.

Food is a dominating force in our life. From physical health, to mental health, to building relationships; a Nufoodi understands the powerful influence of food especially when selected, prepared and presented with the respect and attention it deserves. Do you fall into  one of the following categories:

a personal chef who’s passion is to deliver culinary artistry complete with a stunning presentation and divinely seductive aroma?

a party planner who’s second nature is to plan and execute upbeat swanky affairs to meet any occasion – (festive, celebratory, educational, or just gloriously upbeat)

a simple humble cook who at first glance sticks to the basics; but at the same time is preparing mouth-watering ethnic recipes that have been passed down through generations? A taste unique to your family and heritage.

a B&B proprietor with fare that rivals pro chefs for miles around.  Your B&B will never go vacant!

a beer connoisseur and artisan who would revel at the opportunity to form groups to gather in preparation of the finest of home-brew ales.

a local tour guide who knows the best local dishes and lives to expose these dishes to visitors and locals.

Or, possibly you see yourself as a future potential Pro but you don’t yet have the exposure (which we can certainly help you with.)

Nufoodi Pro’s are in demand so if you fit any of the above! (get registered now!)

If you’d like a Nufoodi Pro to enhance your event you can find one here.