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  • For Business!

  • Create your own Customized Event
  • Discover & Hire Local Chefs
  • Invite friends or guests
  • Have a Free Event or Share Costs
  • Host or Plan Events to Expose your Business to new customers
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Pro Chefs
  • Create your Nufoodi Profile (Like those above)
  • Add your Signature Menu Items
  • Connect with Hosts & Planners who want to Hire you
  • Effortless Marketing and Guaranteed payments
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  • Search to find Unique Food Events in your area
  • Reserve Seats for you and your friend(s)
  • Share Food and Event Content with Friends
  • Create Groups and meet new people
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  • Plan work parties
  • Create your event
  • Invite clients and prospects to corporate events
  • Promote products
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Pro Chefs
  • Get paid cooking gigs
  • Food trucks / Catering companies
  • Cooking & Lifestyle classes / Promote products
  • Guaranteed payment
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  • Create / Promote professional groups
  • Join professional groups
  • Attend public professional events
  • Offer up unique venues
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